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Hebrew Students Get Creative – Enjoy our Students’ Presentations!

February 8, 2018 by Shoshana Sfarzada (Faculty and Staff)

Students in the Elementary School are composing original texts in Hebrew, honing their expressive language skills through presentations, and sharing their creativity! Third-grade students recently finished learning about the fall season and wrote original stories about the season in Hebrew. They incorporated the information, vocabulary, and speech patterns that they learned over the past two months into their storylines. The students authored both fiction and nonfiction books, and produced multi-media art to accompany the text, highlighting story elements and plot points. Kol Hakavod to the third graders for their use of rich language, creative ideas, and beautiful artwork.

Fourth graders explored the topic of celebrations and produced a series of essays and other written work as part of the project. Each student planned a party celebrating an event of their choice, including birthday parties, Bar/Bat Mitvah celebrations, Fourth of July parties, Sweet Sixteens and more. The project called on them to use the appropriate grammar patterns for preparations for the parties, rich vocabulary for the description of the events, and reflections after the events. The students used vibrant language to set the scene of the parties including details about decorations, foods, and activities; they wrote about the date and location of the events, and connected it to their knowledge of weather and their choice of activity; they wrote about the dress style for their events; and they considered the guests at the party and created colorful, elaborate invitations to send. This learning experience inspired students to harness their learning from class and take it to the next level. By providing opportunities for choice, students connected better to their topics and were motivated to stretch, express their creativity, and present their original work. Enjoy these videos of fourth graders Maya, Rebecca, Miriam, and Tali as they each describe their fabulous mesiba (party)!