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Green Committee Students Organize Week of Environmental Learning and Action

June 5, 2016 by Audrey Y (’22) (Students) Eden S (’22) (Students) Elisheva A (’22) (Students) Maya G (’22) (Students) Michal N (’21) (Students) Miriam T (’22) (Students) Naomi S (’22) (Students) Noa H (’22) (Students) Rose S (’22) (Students) Serah J (’22) (Students) Yara V (’22) (Students)

The Green Committee at the Jewish Primary Day School of The Nation’s Capital is a group of kids who help the environment and tell people to stop littering. We recently had a Green Week for the whole school. During Green Week, we did different fun activities each day to get excited about helping the environment. One day, everyone brought a flower in to school, and another day we had “Seed Giveaway Day,” where everyone got to take home some flower seeds to plant. We also had a day where everyone dressed up as their favorite fruit or vegetable or in the color green, and a day where we used no new paper at all, called “Paperless Day.” On another day, each student wrote about what they do to make the environment better on a paper leaf. We taped the paper leaves to the trunk of a three-dimensional cardboard tree in the lobby of our school so everyone could see it. The last day of Green Week was Field Day on Friday. At Field Day, each class had to make up a chant or a song that says why we like the Earth. Then the classes sang them together for the whole school. Green Committee really had a good, green year with fun activities!