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Grade 3 STEM Expo: Water, Water Everywhere

December 17, 2021

Third Grade was proud to host their STEM event: “Water, Water Everywhere”. Students worked in groups to share their learning about topics including Properties of Water, Adventures of a Water Droplet, US Watersheds, and the Water Cycle. The students worked collaboratively to decide which information to highlight and how to present it, and parents were treated to creative and unique presentations such as student-written, -produced, and -acted skits, videos of student-designed experiments, narrative stories, and slideshow presentations. The event was a culmination of an integrated Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science unit of study connecting the third grade study of national parks, land forms, water features, flora and fauna in the US; a literary exploration of the novel Nim’s Island; and their science unit on the water cycle. Thank you to everyone who joined our classrooms via Zoom, gamely took Kahoot game challenges and celebrated the students’ learning. Kol hakavod to our amazing third grade students and teachers!