Milton Parents Association: Who’s Who

The Milton Parents Association is entirely volunteer led and run. Meet the Milton parents who help make it possible!

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2021-22 MPA Executive Committee

Emily Berman and Rachel Federowicz

Anneben Levine

Program Chairs

Birthday Treats: Allison Turner and Anneben Levine

Camp: Adam Pearlman, Amy Weiss, and Miriam Feffer

Challah: Jessica Dodson and Chani Beckman

Chesed: Heather Diamond and Julie Lundy Weinblatt

Hamantashen Playdate: Ronit Gudes Totah, Sharon Cohen, and Melissa Leibman Ribakow

Hanukkah Bar Night: Jamie Sorge and Warren Margolies


Mensches: Liz Cohen

Merchandise: Rachel Jacobs and Jen Singer

Room Parents: Rebecca Gale

Shop, Eat & Earn: Rachel Federowicz

Skate Night: Jen Stier

Staff Appreciation: Janice Eisenberg, Natalie Graham, Sarah Rabin Spira, Rachel Strauss, and Elianna Yolkut