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From Tomahawks to Tipis at the Third Grade American Indian Museum

January 12, 2016 by Coby M (’21) (Students)

The third grade classes made an American Indian Museum. All fifty-one students in the grade worked to research and make displays about different Native American tribes. We learned about the Sioux, the Cherokee, the Northwest Coast, and the Iroquois tribes.

For our museum, the students made everything from tomahawks to tipis to feather headdresses. Students also made many posters with pictures and information about animals, medicines, tools, and clothing. More than 100 people came to visit. The visitors learned about the tribes and where they lived by seeing our displays and asking questions of the third graders who had researched the subjects.

We started learning about American Indians when the whole class read a book about the Sioux. Then we picked research subjects. We researched the different tribes using books, computers and packets. We also went to the National Museum of the American Indian. I personally like the Sioux and chose them to study because they lived in my state (Missouri is the state I’m learning about this year for our States Project). I worked with two different groups. Together, we made the artifacts to display – Sioux clothing and accessories, and Sioux tools and weapons. The most interesting fact I learned was that the Sioux used buffalo for almost everything – food, clothes, tipis and more. It was a hard project because it was a lot of work, but it was fun because we got to share what we learned with everybody.