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Fourth Graders Raise Money to Help the Victims of the Nepal Earthquake

June 3, 2015 by Adina S (’17) (Students) Dora S (’17) (Students) Isaac T (’17) (Students) Leah Z (’17) (Students) Miriam Y (’17) (Students) Noah G (’17) (Students)

The fourth graders at JPDS-NC have been raising money for the people of Nepal because on April 25 there was a big earthquake there. More than 7,000 people were killed in the earthquake, and many more were injured. Countless people lost their homes, belongings, and family members. A guest speaker, Steve Himmelfarb, came in and told us about three sisters he knows who live in Nepal and who were affected by the earthquake. He visited them in January, before the earthquake, but now their boarding school has been closed and the children have to stay with family until their school is ready to reopen.

We’ve been raising money for about a month, and have collected more than $1,500. Some people held lemonade stands, bake sales, and car washes, or asked neighbors to contribute. We’ve also contributed our allowances. Many kids decorated posters and money boxes and placed them around the school. We also went to other classes and encouraged them to contribute.

We started working together as a grade on this project because this past year, we have been learning about world geography. The project also relates to our current events discussions, and our unit on earthquakes in science.

We feel good about helping the people in Nepal and know they are relying on people from other countries to help them get through this horrible earthquake. The money we raise will go through the Jewish Federation and eventually to the people struck by the earthquake.