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Fourth Grade Unit on World Religions Includes Site Visits and Making Educational Board Games

May 13, 2015 by Jacob Z (’17) (Students) Judah B (’17) (Students) Miriam Y (’17) (Students) Samuel H (’17) (Students)

Fourth grade is studying World Geography this year, and at the moment, we are learning about different religions. First, we learned about different religions as a class, and then we split up into research and project groups to find out even more. The study groups focused on Islam, Hinduism, Christianity and Buddhism. In the groups, students researched and gathered information using books and the internet.

We recently visited a church and a Buddhist temple. During our visit to the church, we saw and learned a lot, and got to ask questions. In the church, there were cool pews to sit in and we even got to sit in the pew where George Washington once sat. We also went to a Buddhist temple but nobody was there! There was a statue of Buddha in the backyard that we got to see though. We used the information from our research and visits to create a board game. The aim of the game is to teach people about each religion, including important religious sites around the world. “I think it is important to learn about a different religion than your own and I hope people learn a lot from the board games,” Miriam said.