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First Graders Celebrate Chagigat HaSiddur

June 17, 2015 by Carmel P (’22) (Students) Hannah G (’22) (Students) Tal P (’22) (Students)

Chagigat HaSiddur is a celebration where the first graders at JPDS-NC get new siddurim (prayerbooks) to show what we learned in Hebrew and Judaic Studies this year. To prepare, we did Tefillah (prayer) every day and learned more over time. We prepared a story about the Ten Commandments. We also practiced singing and praying together on the big stage.

At Chagigat HaSiddur, we first sat down on benches with our whole grade, shortest to tallest, and sang Tefillah for God and our parents. After that, we went to classrooms with our class and read the play for our parents. G’veret (Mrs.) Freundel came in, and we learned about the Ashrei prayer. Then G’veret Reem came in and gave us our siddurim. In the front of each of our siddurim was a note from our parents about how good and special we are. Then we sang the Shehechianu prayer that we say for special occasions or when something new happens. Then we got paper keys to the North Campus from our third grade reading buddies.

It was such a fun day! Tal Pearlman said, “Getting the new siddurim was really awesome and we’ll be able to learn our Tefillot [prayers] from them next year in second grade.” We had a great year this year in Hebrew and Judaics. Hannah Green said, “I liked learning about Chanukah this year because it is so yummy!” and Carmel Pinsky said, “My favorite thing that I learned in Judaic Studies was the parshas [Torah portions]!”