Purim Ball 2020 has been canceled.

Dear MILTON Community,

It is with great disappointment that we announce the cancellation of Purim Ball 2020. After thinking through every measure and precaution possible to create a safe environment for our guests, we have concluded that any risk of unwitting transmission or exposure to COVID-19 is not a risk we can take. With our first priority on health and safety, we will follow recommendations from the CDC, World Health Organization, and others to practice “social distancing” and avoid large gatherings.

Purim Ball is a joyous occasion for our school community. While we are unable to celebrate together, we should not lose sight of the evening’s essential element – which is that we stand together as a community in care and honor of each other, our school, and our children. These are extraordinary and unprecedented times. While we share an obligation to protect one another and do our part to slow the spread of the virus, we also have an opportunity to explore different expressions of support and community, and to meet the goals of the Ball in novel ways. Although we will not gather, it is still important to recognize our honorees, celebrate Naomi, and raise critical funds for our students and the learning that happens every day at MILTON.

  • If you were registered for the event, you will receive a separate email today about your tickets.
  • We are exploring alternatives to the Ball, including a live-stream honoree program and scholarship drive later in the school year.
  • The Purim Ball Tribute Journal remains online and we will continue to post greetings, tributes and ads.
  • The online auction will still take place, but will be postponed and coordinated with other activities.

Thank you for your patience and understanding, your generous support, and for helping us keep the community safe and healthy.

With gratitude,
Edna Friedberg
President, MILTON Board of Trustees

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