Ari Zymelman Parenting Conversation

Date: February 19, 2019

Anxiety is the most common, under-diagnosed, and treatable of childhood challenges. But you can’t just tell your child it’s okay – you need a team approach, including the family and school, to equip your child to tame the worries. Join Dr. Dan Shapiro in an interactive and practical session about a topic that touches us all. This year’s Ari Zymelman Parenting Conversation will be held in the Middle School Commons and is open to the community.

This event was re-scheduled due to inclement weather. New registrants are asked to RSVP online. Previously registered guests are asked to confirm their registration at events@miltongottesman.org. You may also call the Advancement Office at (202) 882-4747. Current parents and staff attend for free but must register with the code “Panda.”