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Deborah Skolnick-Einhorn Talks “Empowering Leadership” with Prizmah

March 2, 2023

Writing for Prizmah‘s Blog, MILTON Head of School Deborah Skolnick-Einhorn talks about her philosophy of “Empowering Leadership.”


I am no expert on sustainable headship, at least in terms of years. I began my tenure in July 2020, so I’m just getting ready to sign my second contract. But considering the intensity of my first couple of years (I count them in dog years), I had to quickly develop survival strategies.

Sustaining my school, my team, my family and myself through that time was the hardest work I have ever done. That early experience helped me recognize the many levels on which the headship could yield a fight or flight response. Purely by necessity, I set out to build a sustainable system to survive the early years of my leadership—with the hopes of moving from survival into “thrival” mode in the next few years. Read more.