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Celebrating the Light Within at Rabin Ceremony

December 15, 2015 by Sharon Freundel (Community) Shoshana Sfarzada (Faculty and Staff)

On the last day of Chanukah, the whole school gathered for a powerful, light-filled ceremony marking the culmination of the Rabin Curriculum on Conflict Resolution. The program centered on the idea of “light” and the “light within” each person. We built a large artistic chanukiah that filled the back wall of the stage. Each grade, from Pre-Kindergarten to Sixth Grade, received a large, colorful paper cut in the shape of a flame. Every student was invited to write on the paper flames about how he or she brings light to the world. As part of the ceremony, JPDS-NC’s Hebrew teachers spoke personally about how they bring light to the world, while the flames with the children’s reflections were added to the display.

The program began with light as the Moetzet Talmidim (Student Council) lit the real chanukiah, followed by a slideshow on the life and legacy of Yitzhak Rabin. It ended with light as the entire school stood and sang together. Students held small flashlights and waved them in the darkened auditorium, while we recited the words of a poem by Rav Kook about the light within, and sang the Hatikvah.

We wanted to share this special moment with you. See the video of the children singing as light shines across the auditorium, and watch a clip of the ceremony with the personal reflections chanukiah. We wish you all a Chag Urim Same’ach!