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Miriam G (’20)


Fourth Graders Celebrate Sukkot at the Embassy of Israel and in the Design Lab

October 7, 2015 by Mira E (’20) (Students) Miriam G (’20) (Students) Shoshana L (’20) (Students) Yael R (’20) (Students)

Fourth grade students at JPDS-NC celebrated the Jewish holiday of Sukkot in special ways this year. During Sukkot, some Jews build a sukkah in their back yard and eat there. A  is a hut or booth with at least 2 ½ walls and schach (plants) on top. A long time ago, when the Jews were […]

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Third Graders Discuss Their Comprehensive Study of U.S. States

May 20, 2015 by Adam S (’20) (Students) Alex A (’20) (Students) JuJu J (’20) (Students) Miriam G (’20) (Students) Rachel R (’20) (Students) Simon R (’20) (Students)

Every third grader at JPDS-NC gets to study their own state for the whole year. We did a lot of research and worked on different projects. We studied the land forms and animals, and then made dioramas and designed logos about our states. “We learned about Native Americans in our state, and went on research […]

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Second Graders Build Musical Instruments out of Recycled Materials with Musician David Fenster

May 21, 2014 by Ari B (’20) (Students) Avital P (’20) (Students) Eitan N (’20) (Students) Eli H (’20) (Students) Gabri K (’20) (Students) JuJu J (’20) (Students) Lilli L (’20) (Students) Miriam G (’20) (Students) Samuel H (’20) (Students) Shoshana L (’20) (Students)

Did you know that there are many ways to make music from recycled cans? The second grade at JPDS-NC learned from an Israeli percussionist named David Fenster that music is everywhere, even in your body. He showed us how music comes from our heartbeat and our feet, as well as fruits, nuts, a bow and […]

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