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Class of 2022


First Graders Conduct Research and Present their Oceans Studies

February 25, 2015 by Class of 2022 (Students)

We came up with “big ideas” that we wanted to learn about: the human body, technology, recycling and the ocean. We took a vote to see what we should focus on, and the ocean won.  We read books and decided to research ocean animals. We chose to focus on sharks, dolphins, fish, jellyfish, silver gulls, […]

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First Graders Script and Perform a Play about Endangered Gorillas

February 11, 2015 by Class of 2022 (Students)

We started learning about endangered animals. We decided to learn about mountain gorillas. There are only 700 mountain gorillas left in the whole world because of the wars surrounding where they live and poachers. We wanted to make a play that showed our feelings about mountain gorillas and other endangered species. We voted about doing […]

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