Strategic Plan Priority 4

Extend our connectedness within & beyond the DC Metro Area

In order to become an exemplar of Jewish education nationally and a sought-after independent school in the region, we must intentionally connect with local, national, and international Jewish and non-sectarian communities to expand the student body, attract experienced educators, and engage current and prospective members of the philanthropic community.

To that end, our initiatives over the next five years include the following:


  • Broaden the schools’ strategic marketing and recruitment approaches to ensure engagement with and enrollment of families who reflect the diversity of the Jewish community in the DC region
  • Expand Milton’s connections to Jewish institutions within and around DC that reflect a range of Jewish observance to support and strengthen the school’s deep-rooted commitment to Jewish pluralism in our community and educational program
  • Develop and expand partnerships with the larger DC, national, and international community to support civic education and engagement, admissions, employment, and philanthropic goals
  • Explore the development of a center of professional excellence that capitalizes on the strengths of Milton’s programming to provide professional development to other Jewish day schools and Jewish institutions locally, nationally, and internationally
  • Explore opportunities to expand our campus to meet the needs of our student body and community

Spotlight Initiative

Explore the development of a center of professional excellence that capitalizes on the strengths of Milton’s programming.

MILTON has established a reputation for developing unique curricula and programs including in Hebrew language and Judaic Studies instruction, our Jewish space curriculum, Design Lab programming and the creation of our of our own siddurim, to name a few. As our teachers look for leadership and growth opportunities, we will explore engagement with other Jewish day schools and synagogue-based weekend or evening religious schools to share best practice. This will include an assessment of the availability of grants for teachers to develop curriculum, assessment tools, and other projects during the summer and the possibility of establishing a center for professional excellence where educators from other Jewish institutions might participate in short or long-term professional development programming and explore providing curriculum and materials to other schools who are looking to purchase or adopt those resources.

Interested in learning more or getting involved? If you would like to engage with us or consider funding an aspect of the strategic plan, please reach out to our Advancement Office at 202-291-5737.