Strategic Plan Priority 3

Intentionally build community so that members all feel that they belong


Milton is more than a school; it is a community of students, families, staff, alumni, and friends. We are a demographically diverse community, pluralistic in our Jewish practices, composed of individuals near and far who bring unique strengths, interests, and needs. Some members of our community feel deeply connected and held, while others need new support and engagement so they too can benefit from our connectedness.

We must develop programs and traditions that intentionally engage and weave together the unique threads of students, families, staff, and alumni. We aim to co-create a vibrant, supportive, welcoming environment within and outside of the school walls, ensuring that each community member feels a sense of belonging and that their religious beliefs and practices are respected and honored.

To that end, our initiatives over the next five years include the following:


  • Enrich the lives of and connections between Milton students across the arc of their lives at the school
  • Develop and codify intentional traditions for all community members to cultivate a sense of belonging
  • Ensure that all community members feel valued
    and seen at Milton

Spotlight Initiative

Enrich the lives of and connections between Milton students across the arc of their lives at the school.

We will map, evaluate, refine, and expand the student life experience from PK-grade 8 including traditions, milestone activities, and extracurricular opportunities to ensure that we are meeting all elements of our mission. Our goal is to increase after-school offerings to address opportunity gaps and extend the Milton educational experience.

Interested in learning more or getting involved? If you would like to engage with us or consider funding an aspect of the strategic plan, please reach out to our Advancement Office at 202-291-5737.