Strategic Plan Priority 2

Continue to elevate our position as an employer of choice in the region and among Jewish Day Schools nationally


For Milton to continue to elevate our position as employer among schools in the region and the Jewish Day School sector, it is essential that we have the means and structures in place to recruit, compensate, train, and retain talented and innovative faculty and staff, capable of catering to diverse learners and delivering exceptional educational programming. To that end, our initiatives over the next five years include the following:


  • Improve our compensation plan overall in order to bolster Milton’s ability to be competitive in the marketplace, enhance recruitment and retention, and align with Milton’s aim of whole-person well-being
  • Expand and diversify our recruitment pipeline and formalize our onboarding processes
  • Prioritize community-building as a retention tool
  • Leverage ongoing professional development to improve outcomes for students

Spotlight Initiative

Expand and diversify our recruitment pipeline and formalize our onboarding processes.

Teachers are key to our ability to provide excellent programming to students. With a nationwide teacher shortage, it is essential that we build our own unique recruitment pipeline. We will explore the development of partnerships with local, national, and international teacher training programs and graduate schools to establish teaching-fellow programs as a new teacher pipeline. Knowing that the first months in a school are the most important, we will enhance our onboarding program to ensure new teachers are deeply supported as they grow as educators at Milton.

Interested in learning more or getting involved? If you would like to engage with us or consider funding an aspect of the strategic plan, please reach out to our Advancement Office at 202-291-5737.