Strategic Plan Priority 1

Ensure that our educational program consistently builds toward our portrait of a Milton graduate

It is vital that we offer an educational program that meets the highest standards of academic excellence for diverse learners across our integrated secular, Judaic, and Hebrew curriculum. We must simultaneously prioritize students’ continued academic growth, social-emotional well-being, active and responsible citizenship, and their growth into diverse expressions of Jewish adulthood. We must also publicly articulate what it means to be a student, learner, and graduate of Milton and how we ensure that every student gains the necessary competencies along the way. To that end, our initiatives over the next five years include the following:


  • Build consensus around what it means to be a learner, student, and graduate of Milton
  • Clearly articulate Milton’s educational program
  • Strengthen our student support program within
    and outside of the classroom

Spotlight Initiative

Strengthen our student support program within and outside of the classroom.

One way in which Milton’s education stands out is through our Hebrew instruction. To support Hebrew language learners, we will explore the possibility of summer immersion programs to allow students who are new to Hebrew to access our curriculum more easily once they begin and continue to investigate alternate pathways for continued engagement with Hebrew and Judaic Studies for students with language-based learning differences within our dual-language curriculum.

Interested in learning more or getting involved? If you would like to engage with us or consider funding an aspect of the strategic plan, please reach out to our Advancement Office at 202-291-5737.