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2015-2016 Kindergarten Community Quilt Goes on Display

September 21, 2016 by Lisa Davis (Faculty and Staff)

The Kindergarten Quilt, now on display at the South Campus.Last week, we were thrilled to welcome the South Campus parent community to a new school year at Back to School Night. As part of our preparation of the shared spaces, we hung the Kindergarten Community Quilt above the fireplace in the Kikar.

The quilt was made by the students during the 2015-2016 school year. Students worked together to create a quilt that represented their community to complement and enrich the Kindergarteners’ year-long study of community. The process of creating the quilt was collaborative in nature and called for each student to contribute to the project during their Student Spotlight (formerly “Student of the Week”) week. Each of the families came to school in order to share a tradition with their child’s class. Traditions included Shabbat traditions, holiday traditions, and vacation traditions. After each family visited, the students wrote about their special tradition and sketched a picture for their quilt block. Later, the children used the draft and mixed media to represent their tradition on their block. Every child’s quilt block contribution is unique in its design and tells their individual family story. When woven together, the quilt represents the “fabric” of our community and tells the story of our collective JPDS-NC Kindergarten class of 2024 identity.